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Human Resources Yazdır e-Posta


One of the main powers that successfully carry us to our goals is our personnel. Being responsible from the satisfaction of our clients and keeping our leader position in our sector and developing it further, composes the core of our approach to HR department.


We are proud to work with our personnel who are


* able to use the latest technology,

* energetic,

* liable to cooperate,

* aware of the quality of their service and the needs of our clients,

* attached to their job and their company,

* open to learn on develop themselves,

* regarding it as a privilege to work in Solares,

* working with a high quality labour force.


We are also very proud to work with open minded leaders and directors who skilfully manage the labour force supplied by our personnel.





The base of our HR policy is to protect and develop “Solares Consciousness and Culture”.


* We want all our personnel to be aware of the fact that they are a member of Solares and be proud of this.


* We believe that our personnel is the most valuable presence in our company and we are building our relationship with our colleagues on healthy and permanent grounds. Our main principle is to integrate with the skilful and successful individuals, and work with them in long term basis contributing in their developments.


* We believe that all humans are equal and we apply this principle to our business life. We are giving every personnel to develop themselves and promotion regardless of their race, sex and religious beliefs.


* We are showing utmost sensitivity to perform all the function