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Solares Islak Mendil - Wet Wipes
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About Us

ImageSOLARES is one of the leading manufacturers of hygenic products, which focuses on promotional needs of the market. Throughout its history since 1997, Solares has always been a company that conveyed the strength of its past into the future. In a very short time after its foundation, Solares was able to deliver its different kinds of wipes, tissues and other pharmalogical products to all over the world.

•  A globally respected name for service and quality
•  Zero defects production quality
•  Top service for all customers regardless of order quantity.
•  Delivery deadlines that always get top priority.

In this respect, we are working together with our customers in order to give service in the fastest and most accurate means.

Solares has acquired its special position in both local and foreign markets due to its quality, various choice of products, reasonable prices and the service given before and after the sales.



Solares feels itself responsible for:
* creation of the most secure working atmosphere for its personnel to work very hard in order to meet its customers’ wishes.

* production of its goods with environment friendly technologies.

* contribution in the national and global economies.



To be able to get in the top three rank of promotional products sector, under the light of International Standards Organization Quality Principles.

Quality Policy

Our company, which closely follows the developments and conjuncture in the world, acts according to its customers’ needs.

As a necessity of this point of view, quality is our first priority. We always ensure that our customers’ quality expectations will be met.

Spreading our quality concept to all our personnel and suppliers became an important goal for our firm which embraces ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System as its business style.


With our young and experienced management and production staff, we aim to move on with high quality and economic priced products in tissue, wet wipes, hygienic products and various accessories.

As a development policy, Solares tries its best to use its production materials in the most efficient way with the highest production quality.

We do our best to design flexible, fruitful and low costed products.

Our personnel have been and will be motivated to pay attention to the quality of their tasks and volunteer in the projects which will increase our quality policy.


Continuous Improvement

To be successful permanently, heading for the strategies of improvement in product qualities and costs take place in the centre of our values. Hence, as Solares, creating opportunities for individual and professional development, and novelties have formed the basis of our quality policy.

ImageIt is our priority to make our trustable position permanent in local and global market with our high quality products and services.

Company Policy

As one of the leader company in its sector, we;

• Aim to strengthen our image as a good and prestigious brand in all our labor and activity,
• Embrace the philosophy of unity with our clients,
• Give the uppermost value to our personnel,
• Adhere to the rules of law and morality,
• Protect the environment.