Solares Islak Mendil - Wet Wipes     Solares Islak Mendil - Wet Wipes
Solares Islak Mendil - Wet Wipes
SOLARES is one of the leading manufacturers of hygienic products, who specialize for promotional requirements of the market. Throughout its history since 1997, Solares has always been a company that conveys the strength of its past into the future. In a very short time after its foundation, Solares has been able to deliver its different kinds of wipes, tissues and other pharmalogical products to the all over the world.

Some of the Facts we are proud of


    *Image A globally respected name for service and quality
    * Zero defects production quality
    * Top service for all customers regardless of order quantity.
    * Delivery deadlines that always get top priority.

In this respect, we are working together with our customers to be able to give service in the fastest and accurate means.


Solares has acquired its special position in both local and foreign markets due to its quality, various choice of products, reasonable prices and the service it gives before and after the sales.

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